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    Ben Kuhns

    Let’s go on a journey

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    Jaén, Spain (by EDU S.G.)




  5. stormtrooperfashion:

    Paulina Wyka by Sonia Szóstak for C-Heads Magazine, April 2014


  6. The pack

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  10. biomedicalephemera:

    caghain replied to your post: thiiiiings are happening…

    You okay there biomed?

    I accidentally all the caffeine so very sick thursday then very awake thursday night so no sleep until friday night so brain turn off friday afternoon and not back on yet



    Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve been a bit loopy lately because I’m so busy with real life. On the plus side, I do have tonight and part of tomorrow as down time. Hopefully my brain will start doing its brain-thang again.