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    Red-bellied Black Snake by ()

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    Macklemore Bobble Head Night

    Safeco Field

    Part II of II

    Photography by Zoe Rain 


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    Macklemore Bobble Head Night

    Safeco Field

    Part I of II

    Photography by Zoe Rain 


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    Turning Right Instead of Left

    “It’s as if you don’t care about time passing. And yet I know that you are in a hurry to leave. It’s as if you’re going nowhere, and yet you’re going somewhere.” (from the Theo Angelopoulos film Landscape In The Mist)

    Turning Right Instead of Left is a photographic exhibition exploring reflection; a narrative of journeys taken, life mapped and time passing. The images re-imagine and re-access personal histories whilst looking forward as a new chapter of life begins. Captured through light is a period of life, a time of transition from depression and distress to recovery and renewed hope.

    John Robson is a recent graduate of photography from Plymouth College of Art. Interested in personal narratives and journeys, he uses photography as an instrument of self-discovery and as a means to work through difficult times in life. Robson is primarily working with self-portraiture and landscape and within this everyday imagery he seeks out the abstract, the imperfect, the damaged and decaying. Further intrigue is created through the interruption of the image during shooting and processing. By experimenting with techniques and by indulging in his obsessions and preoccupations Robson explores personal and universal questions in the hope of finding his own answers.


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    Let’s all choose kindness for a better tomorrow.


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    Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia.


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    me by Aris Jerome

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    my school’s jokes are actually getting funny

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